John Baron | Seven Drunken Nights

John Baron

Production Assistant

John Baron

John joined the production crew of Seven Drunken Nights in 2019 and has taken on numerous roles within the production. Currently performing the role of stage monitor pilot, Instrument tech and ASM. John has adapted to the variety of new challenges that this internationally touring production brings.  

Hailing from Wigan, John started his career in music watching his father perform and eventually joined him on stages around the north west of England performing folk and Irish Music. 

Aside from his onstage technical duties John is also an seasoned performer in his own right and has performed in Las Vegas, Denmark and across England. Scotland and Ireland playing guitar and his main instrument drums / percussion.

At university John gained a degree in Music Production. He is also a qualified sound recording engineer and has worked in studios both overseas and in the UK. When not working in theatre John likes to spend his time performing and writing music.

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