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Conor Kenny

Tin Whistle, Banjo, 5String Banjo, Bouzouki and Guitar.

Conor Kenny

Conor from the vibrant town of Enniscorthy Co.Wexford, raised in a household where traditional Irish tunes resonated through the walls, Conor's love affair with music began at the tender age of 2.

It was a vivid memory of him dancing around the kitchen to the sounds of The Dubliners and The Wolfe Tones that ignited the spark that would shape his future. By the age of 3, Conor had already picked up the whistle and with a natural talent for learning, he eagerly took up lessons. As he grew older, Conor's musical horizons expanded, and he delved into mastering various instruments including the banjo, bouzouki, guitar, and mandolin, each adding a layer to his eclectic repertoire.

Conor has shared the stage with artists such as Donal Lunny, George Murphy, The Druids and Meadhbh Walsh. Conor's talent has been recognized and celebrated within the music community, yet, he remains grounded, with aspirations to continue honing his craft, exploring new territories, and paying homage to his musical idols through his work.

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