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Cast, Crew & Creatives

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Production Team

Touring Company  -  Seven Drunken Nights Limited

Production Company  -  Seven Drunken Nights Limited / Prestige Productions Limited

Creative Director  - Ged Graham

Executive Director - Ross Mills

Writer - Ged Graham

Musical Director - Ged Graham

Casting  - Ged Graham

Voice Overs  - Jarrod Loughlin / Ged Graham / Kieran Cunningham

AV Design  - Dave Richardson for RICH Media Group

Stage Design  - Ged Graham / Ross Mills

Set Construction  - GGM Set Design

Technical Design - Alistair Penman

Sound Design  - Alistair Penman 

Production Management - Divine Live Ltd

Lighting Tech  - Tom Nicholson

FOH Sound - Natt Benn

Associate Lighting Design - Zac Leighton

QLaB Production  - Dave Richardson / Alistair Penman

Tecnical Suppliers  - 3D Productions Limited

Film for DVD  - RICH TV

Audio for DVD and CD  - Ollie Gray for Hightrees Studios

Music Programming  - Ollie Gray

Studio Piano  - Liam Holmes

Photography  - Andy Cheshire Photography / Martin Reynolds Photography / Mick Ryan Photography / Envision Images / RICH Media Group

Licensing   - Maxwell Music

Brochure Design  - Ged Graham / Ross Mills / Chameleon Music Marketing

Original Illustrations  - Declan Sweeney

Printing  - Paceprint UK

Backdrops  - Banner World

CD / DVD Duplication  - Birnam CD Limited

Transport  - SDN Tour Logistics/Event Transport Ltd

Insurance  - Profile Risk Solutions Limited

Tour bookers  - Ross Mills 

Marketing  - Chameleon Music Marketing

Marketing Director  - Helen Skillington, Chameleon Music Marketing

Marketing Manager  - Beth Hodgson, Chameleon Music Marketing

Publicity Design  - Chameleon Music Marketing

PR & Social Media  - Chameleon Music Marketing

Accountants  - VF Mather & Co Chartered Accountants 

Business Advisors  - Parry Business Services Limited

Business and Finance Manager  - Sue Parry

Merchandise - Se7ven Music Media Ltd 

A special thank you to all the team at Prestige Productions Limited. Trevor Payne (That’ll Be The Day) for all his help, advice and guidance. To Joe Lynch for letting us have access to his personal collection of photographs and Dubliners memorabilia. Declan Sweeney the Manchester based second generation Irish artist who created the wonderful illustrations.

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