Luc Power | Seven Drunken Nights

Luc Power

Narrator, Vocalist, Acoustic Guitar

Luc Power

Luc Power, a talent hailing from the coastal town of Rosslare, was destined for a life immersed in music from the very beginning.

Introduced to the electrifying world of rock and roll at a young age Luc's musical influences were as diverse as they were profound. Raised on a melodic diet of Patsy Cline and Bob Marley, courtesy of his mother, and with the sonic onslaught of Nirvana from his brother, Luc's musical journey began to take shape.

It was a pivotal moment when Luc stumbled upon the haunting melodies of "Óró, sé do bheatha 'bhaile" in the movie "King of the Travellers," igniting a fascination with the legendary Luke Kelly and the enchanting allure of traditional Irish music. From that moment on, Luc was entranced, his soul forever intertwined with the rich tapestry of Irish folk.

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